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Photo of food production manager with software tablet


We love connecting businesses with their data. We aim to eliminate data silos and manual data transfer processes. We want to help customers understand their business at a deeper level to improve efficiency, reduce waste and achieve their full potential.

Photo of a fruit packing plant working using software on a tablet


Highly connected, streamlined, efficient and profitable packing operations for all our customers, with minimal waste of food, resources and time.

photo of cogs representing values of ethics honesty and integrity


We thrive on difficult data problems and strive to meet each challenge with honesty and integrity. We never stop learning and innovating. We deliver solutions in full, on-time, in spec, with a great return on investment for our customers.


Founder & CEO Greg McNamara has 23 years experience in the information technology sector, with a focus on solutions design, application development and data integration. Working in the fresh food grading & packing sector for the last 12 years, he has extensive knowledge of how technology can be used to optimize businesses in this sector.

Packnology works with regional development partners to provide solution deployment and support services. Please contact us to find out more.